BAHADUR Aik Dum First Class!!!

The organization was formed in mid 60’s and Bahadur fountain pen was launched during 1965 war, when our “Bahadur” soldiers fought selflessly for the survival of Pakistan as well as Islam. In mid 1980’s the Company started the manufacturing of sharpeners, geometry boxes and pencil boxes and gained major share in market. Further, the company diversified and laid the stone for new organizations in the name of  M/S Ashraf Engineer and M/S United Engineer. In 1990’s there was need for extension in business and we put our steps in imports and extended the business with different countries like China, Koria, Germany etc. The Company established its brand name as Bahadur and registered its complete range of stationery products. The Company in the name of M/S Pakistan Pencils (Pvt.) Ltd. was incorporated under the provisions of Companies Ordinance, 1984 with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan on October 01, 2012. As the company is known through its brand name i-e Bahadur, so the whole group is known asBahadur Group of Industries Pakistan”.